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Simple nordic holiday vignette

Today I thought I show you my really simple nordic holiday vignette. The other day I painted this watercolour deer and I’m in love! I clipped it onto my diy clipboard and then decorated the whole cabinet top in a simple nordic style for Christmas! 


I put the clipboard on top of three stacked frames to make it a bit higher and just added these lovely pine type branches around it. We found them while going for a walk through a little pine park the other day and I knew they’d be perfect for decorating! I also added some fake red berries.. just for a little bit of colour… although I want to keep it as neutral as possible this year.

           Simple Nordic Holiday Vignette






And I arranged fairy lights in between the branches, so this is how it looks at night… simple-nordic-holiday-vignette-kreativk.net

If you like it pin it!simple-nordic-holiday-vignette-kreativk.net

Thanks so much for stopping by today, have a great day!





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  • Jaclyn | One Thousand Oaks
    02/12/2016 at 18:11

    I love it! Please say that you will offer that watercolor as a download! I love it!



    • Katrin
      02/12/2016 at 20:42

      Hahaha, you’re so sweet! You know what, I really wanted to make it available to download but I painted it on normal paper, not watercolour paper, and when I scanned it, you could see the waves the paper got by getting wet from the watercolours, which doesn’t happen with watercolour paper! So, my plan is, really really promise, to paint it all over on watercolour paper! Will try asap! Thank you so much Jaclyn!!

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  • Sandra Garth
    02/12/2016 at 00:06

    Isn’t it great that something so simple can have such a wow impact!

    • Katrin
      02/12/2016 at 07:07

      Thanks so much Sandra!

  • twochicksandamom/Donna
    01/12/2016 at 07:53

    You always have such lovely decor at anytime of the year! Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday!

    • Katrin
      01/12/2016 at 11:55

      Thank you so much Donna!

  • Diana
    30/11/2016 at 22:58

    Absolutely delightful, Katrin! Your deer is adorable and makes a beautiful “centerpiece” on your cabinet. Thanks so much for sharing your painting and decorating with us at Vintage Charm–

    • Katrin
      01/12/2016 at 11:56

      Thank you so much Diana! I´m quite smitten with the deer….or any deer that is! 😉

  • Carol @ The Red Painted Cottage
    30/11/2016 at 15:00

    Katrin, I love your simple decor and your deer is lovely! Simply beautiful!

    • Katrin
      01/12/2016 at 07:25

      I’m happy you do! Thank you Carol!!

  • Sabrina
    28/11/2016 at 19:16

    This looks so beautiful and festive yet simple. I love it!

    • Katrin
      29/11/2016 at 07:25

      Thanks so much Sabrina!

  • Amber Harrop
    27/11/2016 at 19:15

    I love that deer it is gorgeous and I love the way ou have displayed it Katrin.

    • Katrin
      29/11/2016 at 07:11

      Thanks friend 🙂 I appreciate it!!!

  • Christina Makri
    27/11/2016 at 17:34

    So beautiful and serene! A perfect vignette for Christmas!

    • Katrin
      27/11/2016 at 18:01

      Thanks so much Christina!

  • Uwe
    25/11/2016 at 18:43

    Hallo Katrin,
    Du hast einen tollen Stil mit Deinen Dekorationen und triffst damit voll unseren Geschmack.

    You have a great style with your decorations and so fully satisfy our taste

    Viele Grüße

    • Katrin
      26/11/2016 at 07:59

      Vielen lieben Dank Uwe! Weihnachten ist meine Lieblingszeit und es macht so viel Spass zu dekorieren!! Viele Gruesse!

  • Leanna
    25/11/2016 at 07:57

    Hi Katrin: That clipboard is my newest must have. Its pretty and so easy to update. Pinning.

    • Katrin
      26/11/2016 at 07:59

      Thanks so much Leanna, it was so easy to make and yes, I love that I can clip on anything!

  • Debrashoppeno5
    25/11/2016 at 02:04

    This is so beautiful. I love the elegance of the way you displayed it as well.

    • Katrin
      25/11/2016 at 07:00

      Debra, Thank you so so much!

  • Keri
    24/11/2016 at 19:15

    Katrin, this is BEAUTIFUL!!! You’re very talented! What a beautiful painting you did and the way you’ve used the frames to add height to the vignette was so smart. I think the berries give it just the right amount of color and of course the lights are awesome.

    • Katrin
      24/11/2016 at 22:25

      You’re so sweet Keri, Thank you!!

  • Zografia
    24/11/2016 at 15:09

    It’s lovely Katrin. So simple, but it makes a statement. Great job!

    • Katrin
      24/11/2016 at 21:25

      Thanks so much Zografia!!

  • Mary-the boondocks blog
    24/11/2016 at 13:13

    I am really having a hard time deciding which is my favorite project from this season. They are all so spectacular. This little deer is just so dear (couldn’t resist) and you’ve added just enough color to the vignette. I love everything you are doing this season. Can I move in? I want to be surrounded by all this loveliness!

    • Katrin
      24/11/2016 at 21:23

      Aw you’re so sweet Mary, I’d love to have you over here, that would be lovely!!

  • Michelle
    24/11/2016 at 11:27

    Ah wow you did it again Katrin. That’s just so pretty and eye catching. I can see why you’re in love with your watercolour deer. She’s absolutely lovely. I’ve always loved that kind of art.

    • Katrin
      24/11/2016 at 21:22

      You’re so sweet Michelle, Thank you!!! I love my watercolours!!

  • handmade by amalia
    24/11/2016 at 10:02

    I so like the clean, natural look of your decoration.

    • Katrin
      24/11/2016 at 21:19

      Thanks so much Amalia!