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Nordic X~mas Tree Chalkboard


Nordic Christmas Tree Chalkboard

I always loved the Nordic X~mas trees and designs! Like this amazing Nordic X~mas Tree Chalkboard.  It’s a simple, clear and just natural style. I think, I could move to Norway, Sweden or Finland no problem. Friends of ours moved to Oslo and love it! Ok, it does get cold but just thinking of the beautiful houses and all makes me feel like I would love it too! 

But we are in the beautiful South of Spain, where the sun always smiles and if you walked into my home you’d be thinking you were up North! Not only at Christmas. 

So the other day I really felt like having a Nordic X~mas Tree for my holiday deco and came up with this one. I used the back of a normal white frame I have, which usually holds the beautiful Gustav Klimt Print “the kiss”. 

I didn’t have a big paper sheet at hand and was too lazy to go and buy one. I just wanted to get started. So I painted the back board of the frame with chalkboard paint to then draw the Nordic X~mas Tree with chalk. I can still put any kind of art into the frame after the holidays, or just draw something else if I want to, you get it, chalkboard. Except in a frame. 

So all I used was:

~ Back of a frame

~ Chalkboard Paint

~ Chalk

Nordic Christmas Tree Chalkboard frame

 Nordic Christmas Tree Chalkboard empty

Nordic Christmas Tree Chalkboard Start 2

I started by finding the middle of the board and then just drawing a long line til the top. After, I added branches on each side. Really easy to do. Then, I filled them out with chalk.

Nordic Christmas Tree Chalkboard finger

Using my fingers, I brushed over everything I drew.

Nordic Christmas Tree Chalkboard start

When I had the tree ready, I just added decorations of all kind to the branches. You can really let your imagination go wild here and add what ever you like. 

Nordic Tree


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  • Cynthia Chilson Finger
    03/12/2015 at 16:36

    LOVE this!! Your beautiful chalk drawing would look awesome as a Christmas card! Enjoy your Nordic Christmas in the South of Spain!

    • Katrin
      04/12/2015 at 09:36

      Thank you Cynthia! yes, that’s a great idea as well, drawing this on a Christmas card!

  • Holly McCall {McCall Manor}
    03/12/2015 at 13:57

    Your tree is being featured at Your Inspired Design today! I adore it!!!

    • Katrin
      03/12/2015 at 16:11

      Thank you so much Holly! I appreciate it!!! 🙂

  • Melissa French, The More With Less Mom
    02/12/2015 at 21:12

    I think I need Nordic Christmas everything. This is awesome. Thanks for posting. Hello from Best of the Weekend.

    • Katrin
      03/12/2015 at 09:26

      Hi Melissa!!! thanks so much for visiting, Hello back at you 😉 I need nordic everywhere too, I just love it, it’s the simple style, the colours I don’t know, but i always fall for it…

  • Diana
    30/11/2015 at 02:25

    Absolutely beautiful, Katrin! I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and I’m in love. Thanks so much for sharing it at Vintage Charm 🙂

    • Katrin
      30/11/2015 at 12:32

      I’m happy you like it Diana! Thanks for visiting!!!

      • Diana
        01/12/2015 at 20:57

        I will be featuring your Nordic Tree at Vintage Charm this week, Katrin!

        • Katrin
          02/12/2015 at 14:35

          Thank you Diana! Made my week! XO

  • Life Loving
    29/11/2015 at 23:47

    That looks really effective Katrin. It looks really authentic. I can’t believe you drew this by hand, if I did this, it would look like a child had drawn it – ha ha!

    Sally @ Life Loving

    • Katrin
      30/11/2015 at 12:15

      Thank you Sally! I love drawing, especially on Chalkboard cause you can just erase if it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to! 😉

  • Joanita Theron
    28/11/2015 at 05:44

    This is so unique and beautiful. Thank you so for sharing.
    Congratulations, you are being featured in this week’s
    Snickerdoodle Mini Round Up!
    Have an awesome day!

    • Katrin
      28/11/2015 at 09:19

      Wow! Thanks so much Joanita! I appreciate it!!

  • Rose who's busy crafting today at FineCraftGuild.com
    27/11/2015 at 23:16

    Katrin, I LOVE IT! Beautiful. Thanks for linking it up, and cohosting http://www.finecraftguild.com/pumpkin-cookies-recipe-38/

    Hope you’ll keep on coming to the party – your ideas are wonderful. Love them.

    • Katrin
      28/11/2015 at 09:11

      Thank you Rose, for having me as your co~host! I really enjoyed it and of course I’ll be at your parties 🙂

  • Jody Cowan
    25/11/2015 at 20:25

    Hij Katrin,
    I found you on the Waywow Pin Party. I wanted to let you know, when I clicked on the Pinterest button on the sidebar to follow you, it doesn’t go to your boards. And I love this chalkboard. It’s really awesome!

    • Katrin
      25/11/2015 at 22:30

      Hi Jody! Thanks so much for following!! I really appreciate it. I will check out my Pinterest account. Thanks so much for letting me know 😉

      • Katrin
        25/11/2015 at 23:43

        Jody, I fixed it! Thanks again for letting me know!

  • Amberjane
    25/11/2015 at 18:14

    I love it – thank you for sharing to Pin worthy Wednesday

    • Katrin
      25/11/2015 at 22:20


  • Pili
    25/11/2015 at 10:41

    Katrin, I love it!!! We have a big chalkboard on our living room so we’ll be doing this for sure, we’ll show you ours 😉
    Thanks for sharing with us at Two Uses Tuesday!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Katrin
      25/11/2015 at 12:30

      Thank you Pili, yes, I’d love to see it!

  • Charlotte
    25/11/2015 at 10:23

    This looks cool! i’ve never heard of a nordic x-mas tree before! and I love chalkboard paint (i wrote a post about how great it is hahaha)

    • Katrin
      25/11/2015 at 12:34

      Thanks Charlotte! They are pretty common in Scandinavian deco this time of year!

  • Nikki Frank-Hamilton
    24/11/2015 at 22:52

    Katrin, I love it! I am a sucker for chalkboard art and you are so good at doodling, and free hand drawing. It’s so pretty. And the frame really accents the chalk, making it pop off the black chalkboard. Very festive. I can’t wait to see what you draw on it next!!

    • Katrin
      25/11/2015 at 12:33

      Thanks Nikki… I know, hey? Chalkboards are so pretty and you can doodle away!

  • Anna
    23/11/2015 at 19:00

    That’s lovely. It would be beautiful as a Christmas card 🙂

    • Katrin
      23/11/2015 at 22:39

      Thanks for stopping by Anna! I’m happy you like the Chalkboard!

  • Laurie
    22/11/2015 at 00:17

    Love this! Very creative. Thank you for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday!

    • Katrin
      22/11/2015 at 08:26

      Thank you 🙂

  • Keri
    21/11/2015 at 15:13

    Oh this is beautiful Katrin!!!! Love this!!! You really have a talent for drawing! 🙂

    • Katrin
      21/11/2015 at 21:24

      Aww thanks Keri…I love drawing…have a great weekend!

  • Paula@SweetPea
    21/11/2015 at 13:59

    Love this project! Thanks so much for sharing on “Best of the Weekend”.


    • Katrin
      21/11/2015 at 21:23

      Thank you so much Paula!!

  • Linda at Mixed Kreations
    21/11/2015 at 12:17

    Your tree turned out beautiful. Brilliant idea using the back of a frame. Thanks for sharing!

    • Katrin
      21/11/2015 at 21:22

      Thanks so much Linda!!! I’m happy you like it!

  • Mary-the boondocks blog
    20/11/2015 at 23:15

    I really, really love this Katrin. It looks like a winter wonderland ornament. Your house must be so much fun for the holidays. And I see you are also using blackboard paint. I just love it. It’s so versitile.

    • Katrin
      21/11/2015 at 21:21

      Thank you Mary!!!Yes, I love blackboard paint as well!!! And I love the holidays!!

  • Lynn Spencer
    20/11/2015 at 16:58

    Love it!!! Reminds me of the maibaum in the Viktualienmarkt in Munich! And you and I are cut from the same cloth…use what you have and make do! Well done friend!

    • Katrin
      20/11/2015 at 19:50

      Yes, it is similar like the Maibaum, you’re right!!! I will be in Munich for Christmas, I have to go!!! Thanks so much Lynn!!!