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Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Welcome to Home for Christmas!

I’m so thrilled to be joining, along many incredibly talented bloggers, the Home for Christmas Blog Hop, hosted by Hometalk.com and CountryLiving.com. Thank you so much! 

Don’t miss a single blog, just check out the link~ups at the bottom of this post! I’m sure, you’ll love all the different ideas & styles and get inspired! Also, please watch for #homeforchristmas on social media and click on it, to find more exciting projects and decor! 


Home for Christmas Blog Hop

My Holiday Home Tour

Today I’m excited to let you peak into my home, my living / dining area to be exact, all decorated for this happy, cozy and wonderful time of the year! Christmas is my favourite holiday, maybe yours as well! I enjoy every little bit of it, the decorations of course, family time, the songs, the cold ( just up to Christmas though!), the cozyness…you name it! I’m so happy you are here, come in and make yourself at home!

My husband and I live in a small town in the very South of Spain in Europe. We are renting a beautiful little home here with our two daughters and two bunnies. Winters here in the South are by far not as cold as they are back in Canada, where we lived before. It does get chilly here, a bit rainy at times, but it is mostly sunny! 

Living Room

Our living room is our family room as well. This is our hang~out, our cozy spot, where we all spend time together. 

Home for Christmas Blog Hop

Right when you come in to our living room, there’s our cabinet with the little repurposed deer on top. You can also see my wooden x~mas words I just leaned them against the crate. 

Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Home for Christmas Blog Hop

Then, on the left side of the cabinet is one of my favourite decorations. Our Christmas card wall. I collected those cards over the years from friends who live all over the world and I love looking at them and remembering them and the good times we had together!

Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Home for Christmas Blog Hop

Moving on to our fireplace. We don’t use it as one, only for lights and candles! I drew on the chalkboard and filled the lanterns with my painted chestnutsYou can also see one of my three easy holiday garlands.

Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Home for Christmas Blog Hop

This is a little platter with some stars made out of tree bark, some acorn tops, anise stars and white cornstarch stars I made a couple of years ago with my girls. 

Home for Christmas Blog Hop

Our sofa is so cozy and comfy with many pillows and blankets to cuddle. I love using different kinds of fabrics and tones, all holiday style. Our sofa is the place to be in our house!

Home for Christmas Blog Hop

I like to keep the coffee table clear for, well, …. coffee. We also use it to play board games all together and it is such a beautiful piece to look at that I didn’t want to put anything on it. 

Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Home for Christmas Blog Hop

Dining Room

We have a big dining room table for get~together’s with friends and family! We use it a lot, so I like to keep it simple. I decorated my branch with glass ornaments and my pipe cleaner wreaths.


Home for Christmas Blog Hop



Home for Christmas Blog Hop

The glass ornaments used to be my mom’s, now I’m treasuring them and remembering her by having them up!  

Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Home for Christmas Blog Hop

I kept it simple on my table, I used wooden sticks, pinecones and my little pine vases as a centre piece. 

Home for Christmas Blog Hop

A few years back I bought this lovely reindeer. It was tossed aside to the clearance section because of the crack in the wood. I fell in love with it at first sight and took it home. Ever since, during the holiday season, it gets a special spot in the room!

Home for Christmas Blog Hop

Right next to it is my rosemary wreath with little pine trees and a candle in the middle.

Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Here’s the advent calendar I made for my daughters. They love opening a little pouch each day, to find a surprise! 

Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Home for Christmas Blog Hop

I’ve always had a crush on Scandinavian decor and design, like this nordic tree I painted with chalk.

And now…last but most important! Our Christmas tree! We bought a real one, as our artificial one is just to big and immense for the space we have here. Our tree is small, not the typical kind I would say, but cute and fits right in here. My daughters decorated it all by themselves and I think it turned out beautifully…

Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Home for Christmas Blog Hop


Thank you for stopping by today, I’m sure, there’s something here for everyone! Please don’t forget to check out all the other blogs for the #homeforchristmas powered by Hometalk.com and CountryLiving.com !

Grab your coffee, tea or hot chocolate, turn on some Christmas music and get cozy!

Happy Holidays!




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  • Linda
    21/12/2015 at 19:21

    I love the grouping on the wall and the little Christmas tree is so darling (swoon). Pinned. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas to you and your family. Linda @Crafts a la mode

  • cassie @ primitive & proper
    17/12/2015 at 00:29

    what a gorgeous home- love the muted palette and those birch stars are so fun!

    • Katrin
      17/12/2015 at 11:25

      Hi Cassie! thanks so much! I’m so happy you like my home 🙂

  • Vel
    16/12/2015 at 22:05

    Your home is the perfect touch of warmth, whimsy and pretty Katrin! Love the branch with the ornaments! Thank you for sharing your Holiday Home at the 12 days of Christmas Blogger Tour Link Party!

    • Katrin
      17/12/2015 at 09:40

      Thank you so much Vel! I’m happy you like my home!!!

  • Betty
    16/12/2015 at 07:01

    Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

  • Sam
    16/12/2015 at 06:41

    Wow it’s all so beautiful. I think by far my favorite part is your Christmas card wall. I love the look of using washi tape to kind of “haphazardly” put things on the wall. Good work and you have a lovely home. I’m checking out Part II now! Thank you for sharing at Welcome Home Wednesday 🙂

    • Katrin
      16/12/2015 at 14:38

      Hi Sam, yes the wall is my favourite as well! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Diana
    14/12/2015 at 05:23

    Love your style, Katrin–so refreshing after seeing lots of gaudiness out there in the “real” world. Your couch with its seasonal textiles is so inviting. I just want to plop down and make myself at home 🙂 Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm!

    • Katrin
      14/12/2015 at 22:07

      Thanks so much, you’re so sweet! Hahaha, come on over and plop down! 😉

  • Meegan
    12/12/2015 at 16:55

    What a beautiful natural color palette. I love your style. Very inspiring!

    • Katrin
      12/12/2015 at 23:33

      Thanks so much Meegan! I love whites and brights!!! 🙂

  • Anne @ Domesblissity
    12/12/2015 at 15:18

    Oh Kristin! Everything looks so gorgeous. What a lovely home. Thank you so much for linking up to Thriving on Thursdays. It’s always nice to see you each week. I’ll be featuring this post at my Christmas Round Up going live on Monday. Thanks again for coming.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

    • Katrin
      12/12/2015 at 23:31

      Thanks Anne!!! I’m so happy, thanks for stopping by!!!

  • Nikki Frank-Hamilton
    11/12/2015 at 22:47

    I love that you did this holiday home tour, it’s so cool to see how others choose to decorate. Your home is so cozy, warm and fun! I love a few things especially, the glass balls from your mom, so special to have something of her’s that you can share with your family. Love it. I also love the baby fir trees setting next to the wooden deer on the dining room table. And the deer is so much more special because of the crack in the wood! Merry Christmas my friend, thanks for sharing your home with me! xx

    • Katrin
      12/12/2015 at 08:37

      HI there my friend, I’m so happy you like my home during the holidays. I love love love decorating and I could decorate each day away! The glass balls are special, I’m happy I have them. The little fir trees are so cute, hey? I found them for next to nothing at a store… Merry Christmas Nikki, to you as well! Thanks for always stopping by!

  • Kelsie
    11/12/2015 at 19:48

    So cute and pretty! Thanks for linking up with us at The Alder Collective!

  • RandiG at FrugElegance
    10/12/2015 at 01:29

    What a beautiful home tour. Everything looks so warm & inviting.

    • Katrin
      10/12/2015 at 22:55

      Thank you Randi!

  • ilka@ilkasblog
    09/12/2015 at 03:36

    Hi Katrin – what a nice home tour. It felt like I was right there in the South of Spain.
    It’s great to see all your famous crafts around your own house and I love the nice light ease your home has.
    I really enjoyed this. Beautiful.

    • Katrin
      09/12/2015 at 16:28

      Danke Freundin!!! I appreciate you stopping by and I’m so happy you like my home! 🙂

  • Karren Haller
    08/12/2015 at 16:10

    I rarely get to visited other homes during the holidays and this is so fun to see your home decorated, everything is wonderful!! LOVE THE TREE!!!

    Thanks for sharing on the #OMHGWW this week!!!

    • Katrin
      08/12/2015 at 23:22

      Thanks so much for visiting Karren, I’m happy you like my home!

  • Kristi @ Chatfield Court
    08/12/2015 at 09:27

    What a lovely home you have and I all of your holiday touches, especially your sweet tree that your daughters decorated. Thanks so much for the tour!

    • Katrin
      08/12/2015 at 15:14

      Thank you Kristi! I appreciate your visit and I’m happy you like my holiday home! My daughters had lots of fun doing the tree deco!!

  • Marie from The Interior Frugalista
    08/12/2015 at 08:12

    I love all the Scandinavian/European elements in your holiday decor scheme. I was in Germany a couple of summers ago and I’m kicking myself for not bringing anything back for ourselves. I bought for everyone else and forgot about us, silly. Your decor reminded me of Europe. Pinning to share 🙂

    • Katrin
      08/12/2015 at 09:12

      Hi Marie! Thank so much for stopping by, I’m so happy you like my home all decorated for the holidays! I love all things scandinavian and in Germany there’s lots of inspiring deco as well…very natural and scandi 😉 I’m happy my decor reminded you of your vacation in Europe and that means you just have to go again and get some for yourself 😉

  • lynn
    08/12/2015 at 01:57

    Hi Katrin, such a lovely home, already for Christmas. I love that I am getting wee glimpses into the homes of the friends I’m making around the world. Your Christmas tree ornaments are very Scandinavian looking, as is the rest of your decor. Fits you perfectly. I do love your place mats. Are they that great thick felt? I saw so much of that when we were in Germany and Austria this summer. I wish I had brought more home with me. I brought home some coasters, but would have loved to have brought home some place mats or a runner. Oh well, next time.
    Thanks for giving us a peek!

    Kisses, Lynn

    • Katrin
      08/12/2015 at 09:05

      Good Morning Lynn!!! Thanks so much for coming over, I’d have loved to invite you for a coffee or tea… 😉 I’m happy you like my home for the holidays. My place mats in the dining room are very thick felt, yes, you’re right! I love felt, like you. Here it’s everywhere and I actually have a scandinavian store (not Ikea 😉 ) close by and they sell all kinds of those little knick knacks and they had these place mats. They had them for Valentines day last year, they have little heart shapes in them…but I liked them up now for Christmas already!
      Have a good day Lynn!!!

  • Bre @ Average But Inspired
    08/12/2015 at 00:00

    Your decor is so pretty! The little touches all come together so wonderfully! That little gallery wall of special holiday cards is one of my favorite parts. 🙂 Happy holidays!

    • Katrin
      08/12/2015 at 08:56

      Thank you so much Bre! The holiday cards are my favourite as well! 😉

  • Kim
    07/12/2015 at 23:15

    What a lovely home and all of your Christmas touches make it feel so super cozy! I love that cracked little reindeer! I’m with you, perfect is in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

    • Katrin
      07/12/2015 at 23:40

      Thank you so much Kim, I’m so happy you like it!!! The little reindeer is adorable, isn’t it!?

  • Jeanette
    07/12/2015 at 21:10

    Beautiful home and your holiday style is right up my alley. I’m gonna tape our Christmas cards to the wall too! So sweet!

    • Katrin
      07/12/2015 at 21:21

      Thank you so much Jeanette, I’m so happy you like it!!!! yay!!! I love those cards on the wall I pick a different wall each year… Thanks for stopping by!!!

  • Paula@SweetPea
    07/12/2015 at 18:10

    Your home looks so pretty. I love your sweet reindeer and think that the crack gives him charm. Your trees look so pretty and I love all of your ornaments.

    • Katrin
      07/12/2015 at 20:39

      Hi Paula, thank you for stopping by! I’m so happy you like my home decor! I think you’re right, the crack gives the little guy even more charm!

  • Mary-the boondocks blog
    07/12/2015 at 17:26

    I forgot to mention how beautiful the tree is. Your daughters did a wonderful job. Perfect for the tree and probably just the right height for them. I used to have one like that and after I killed it off, because I don’t have a green thumb, I spray painted it white. My poor mother in law didn’t know what I was trying to achieve and she threw it out! Hahaha!

    • Katrin
      07/12/2015 at 20:38

      Hahaha Mary! Thank you I will let them know! This tree is in a pot, so after the holidays I will plant it…hopefully I won’t kill it before either…my thumb isn’t that green either…:)

  • Vanessa
    07/12/2015 at 16:49

    You home is so festive and beautiful. I love, love your cabinet. I love to find one of those.

    • Katrin
      07/12/2015 at 20:36

      Thanks so much Vanessa! I’m happy you like the cabinet, it’s an Ikea one that I changed a little bit up. You can find it on my blog as well!

  • Tammy
    07/12/2015 at 16:18

    Love all of your Christmas decor…especially your ladder too cute!

    • Katrin
      07/12/2015 at 20:35

      Thanks Tammy, I’m happy you like my holiday home!!! 😉

  • Jenny @ Refresh Living
    07/12/2015 at 03:59

    Your home is just beautiful!! It looks so cozy and ready for Christmas!

    • Katrin
      07/12/2015 at 12:21

      Thanks Jenny, I’m so happy you like it…I love it cozy everywhere!!!

  • Lindsay Eidahl
    07/12/2015 at 02:56

    I love your Christmas decor. Your tree in the pot has to be my favorite!

    • Katrin
      07/12/2015 at 12:22

      Thanks Lindsay!!! The tree actually came like that I just painted the pot, but later on I can plant it outside, which I love!

  • Pili
    07/12/2015 at 02:49

    Katrin, thanks for the home tour of your home! I love how bright and cozy it is, all the details you added make it feel as a home. Your daughters made a wonderful job decorating the tree! The bark stars are lovely, and mixed with all the other elements look great. What can I say, I love it all!

    • Katrin
      07/12/2015 at 12:22

      Thanks so much Pili, I appreciate it! I love the holidays…

  • Keri
    07/12/2015 at 02:28

    Katrin, thanks you for the Christmas tour of your home!! I love all your decorations!! Those stars made out of bark are beautiful!! Your tree is so sweet; your daughters did such a great job decorating it!! You did a wonderful job decorating for Christmas!! 🙂

    • Katrin
      07/12/2015 at 12:23

      Thanks Keri! I’m happy you enjoyed the tour 😉 yes.. my daughters did quite a good job 😉

  • Mary-the boondocks blog
    07/12/2015 at 02:19

    Congratulations on being part of this great blog hop! What a lovely home you have. It is so you!! I love those beautiful ornaments that your mother gave you, they look so pretty next to the little wreaths. And the little reindeer in the dining room is just so special. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!

    • Katrin
      07/12/2015 at 12:24

      Thank you my Mary! I’m happy being part of this! I wish you a wonderful season as well 🙂