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Halloween Kitchen Nook

I know it´s Friday and I hope you’re ok with not finding a free printable here today. You can find last weeks free printable here. I wanted to show you my Halloween kitchen nook real quick and thought I get it posted asap, so in case you get inspired, you’ll have enough time to get yours ready!



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Halloween Kitchen Nook


My kitchen is small, so besides the coffee treat station I set up for Halloween the other day, I don’t have much more space left for decor. We have a small breakfast nook that I like to change and decorate each season or holiday though. Just a little, so there’s still enough room to grab a bite.


halloween kitchen nook kreativk.net


I just love changing out chalkboard messages depending on the season or holiday. So this is what I’ve done with mine. So easy and quick!

I’ve added spiderweb and spiders and little lights to it as well.


halloween kitchen nook kreativk.net



halloween kitchen nook kreativk.net


The two little fabric pumpkins fit in nicely with the black and white, you can see how I made them here. I also needed something to cover up the batteries for the fairy lights, so that worked out well… 😉

On top of my easiest cake stand ever there’s a ceramic skull I found for 1,- at a store here, it had a metallic glaze and I just gave it some brushes of white chalky paint. The candle light is from Ikea, I found it in the summer outlet section for 2,- and fit in perfectly I think.


halloween kitchen nook kreativk.net


I´ve mentioned the place mat before, I found these at our local dollar store and love the woven style. Another one is on my entrance bench.

To cover up the cake stand a bit, I´ve added some cut up medical soft cloths.


halloween kitchen nook kreativk.net



halloween kitchen nook kreativk.net


Isn’t this plastic owls so cute sitting on it’s nest?

halloween kitchen nook kreativk.net



halloween kitchen nook kreativk.net


Pin it for later!

Halloween Kitchen Nook kreativk.net

Well, I hope you got some inspiration, maybe you already have your home decorated for Halloween or just small spots like me? Wishing you a spooky Halloween time,



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  • Leanna
    01/11/2017 at 14:24

    Simple and cute display. I really like the feathers under the owl, what a different idea and its perfect. I will use that idea, love it.

    • Katrin
      04/11/2017 at 08:01

      Happy you like it Leanna, Thank you!!

  • Amber Harrop
    30/10/2017 at 20:28

    It looks scarily cool Katrin – love your little breakfast nook

    • Katrin
      04/11/2017 at 07:52

      Happy you do Amber, Thank you 🙂

  • Sandra L Garth
    26/10/2017 at 19:53

    Thanks for showing us that you don’t need lots of room to make an impact.

    • Katrin
      27/10/2017 at 20:03

      Thank you, yes, it is small but very cozy and a lot of fun right now.

  • Keri Roberts
    25/10/2017 at 18:00

    Katrin, this is a cool way to decorate your kitchen for Halloween. I like the chalkboard and the effects you have it. Those placemats are awesome!!

    • Katrin
      27/10/2017 at 19:58

      Thanks, we like having breakfast here and the girls enjoy all the Halloween decor!

  • Mary
    21/10/2017 at 21:21

    Very cute Katrin. I never would have thought to decorate in the kitchen, but you go all out and with a great sense of style. I can just see you sitting there having your breakfast and talking to the skeleton.

    • Katrin
      23/10/2017 at 06:51

      We do spend a lot of time in there, even though it´s tiny, and for Halloween I always decorate in there… I don´t know why… I guess I don´t want to take down my fall decor in the living room… so this is the only other spots I have, haha.

  • Ellen
    20/10/2017 at 23:24

    The Halloween Kween reigns supreme!! Love all the little elements that come together for the perfect Halloween Kitchen Nook. I really love that you were able to procure many items at great prices, thrifty is good. Adding the fairy lights is too cute. Thank-you for another fantabulous post for Halloween!

    • Katrin
      23/10/2017 at 06:49

      You´re so kind Ellen, Thank you. Finding decor at cheap prices is great, especially when I know it´s only up for a few weeks…

  • Julia - Vintage with Laces
    20/10/2017 at 08:04

    Your kitchen décor looks lovely and you got such great deals on the skull, the candle light, and the placemat. I love that you decorate in black and white with just a few splashes of color.

    • Katrin
      23/10/2017 at 06:48

      Thanks so much friend 🙂