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Green Potting Station

My love for greenery and especially succulents is no secret. Neither is my brown thumb. It happens though, that I am managing to be successful in the succulent department and they just keep on growing. Which is awesome and so since I have never really had a designated spot to pot my plants, I felt like setting up a green potting station. So far, when ever I wanted to re-plant some of my succulents it’s just been messy with dirt all over the place. Plus, we all enjoy herbs so much and to keep those and the succulents unreachable for our bunnies, a potting station felt only right.

Green Potting Station

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What you need:

Potting Station

[I bought this potting station, except mine has only one shelf on the bottom. But other than that it is the same one I got. It is perfect, the right size and just what I wanted]

Montana Spray Paint MTN 94 Green Breeze [this one looks similar]

Crates & Baskets

Terracotta Pots

Succulents & Herbs

What to do:

Assemble your potting station, if it has a finish on it, lightly sand the surface. Mine did not need sanding.
Start spray painting the wood following the safety and application instructions on the can.
Repeat with 2-3 coats for a consistent color. I used two cans of paint to get this color.
Let dry. Then start setting up your pots, plants and supplies.

green potting station kreativk.net


green potting station kreativk.net


green potting station kreativk.net


green potting station kreativk.net


I bought our favourite herbs, Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme and Mint. I’m still going to get Basil as well.

green potting station kreativk.net


green potting station kreativk.net


green potting station kreativk.net



green potting station kreativk.net


I found this cute wicker shelf at a flea market and spray painted it as well using this chalked spray paint from Rust-Oleum. It’s perfect above the potting station and my little succulents just look so cute on it, right?

green potting station kreativk.net

The decoupaged herb sign I made last week fits right in there too!


green potting station kreativk.net


green potting station kreativk.net

Well, that is my green potting station and I’m super happy with it! Everything is in one place and don’t you just love that green color??

Wishing you a lovely day!!



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  • Sandra L Garth
    21/04/2018 at 02:02

    I never understood the value of a potting station until I had low back problems. I love how yours turned out and thank you for sharing with us at Celebrate Your Story. Have a great weekend!

    • Katrin
      21/04/2018 at 12:08

      That is so true, I have lower back ache from time to time too and this way it will not be getting in my way, 😉 Thanks Sandra!

  • Shirley Wood
    20/04/2018 at 03:06

    Your Potting Station looks great. Love that shade of green too. I love planting flowers from seed so it would be nice to have one of these! Your succulents look great. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday. We love your creativity.

    • Katrin
      21/04/2018 at 12:06

      Thanks so much Shirley!

  • Ellen
    17/04/2018 at 18:54

    This is a very beautiful space for all of your plants! The lovely shade of green will encourage those plants to thrive for sure. That wicker shelf is a fantabulous addition to the potting station. Your signs are the perfect finishing touch too. Thank-you!

    • Katrin
      21/04/2018 at 12:04

      Thanks Ellen. I hope they’ll survive, haha. But I am determined to make it work and am happy with this spot! Have a great weekend!

  • Julia - Vintage with Laces
    17/04/2018 at 08:24

    Your potting station looks great, Katrin! I like that shade of green. It’s a nice pop of color. The wicker shelf and the signs are lovely additions and complete the look of that space.

    • Katrin
      21/04/2018 at 12:03

      Thanks Julia, I am really loving that green and am happy with how it turned out.

  • Keri
    16/04/2018 at 20:24

    Katrin, your potting station looks great. I love, love that green!! I’m so glad the succulents are growing so well for you. The herbs you have planted look like they’re really taking off.

    • Katrin
      17/04/2018 at 07:17

      Thanks Keri, that green is awesome, hey?

  • Marie
    16/04/2018 at 17:07

    Such a beautiful potting station/area, Katrin. I think my brown thumb might turn green if I had something as pretty as this!

  • Mary
    16/04/2018 at 16:10

    Katrin your green potting station looks so pretty. It really stands out against all the white and neutral and compliments the green plants perfectly. Oh and the shelf above is the perfect touch. Now come on over and help me revive my dead plants.

  • Michelle Leslie
    16/04/2018 at 15:42

    I would be sooooo happy too, if I had a potting station like that Katrin. How lovely. You are going to have so much fun repotting your succulents and they’re going to make so many little babies, you’ll be sharing the plant love with all your neighbors too. Love the happy green color you used. It’s so striking against the wall.

    • Katrin
      17/04/2018 at 07:14

      Oh yes, it sure is so much fun Michelle, I’m really happy with this! Thanks friend!

  • Marjan Hebeke-Pfaff
    16/04/2018 at 07:41

    Awesome! I love it – wouldn’t last long in our climate though, but I’d sure love to have a beautiful one as yours!

    • Katrin
      17/04/2018 at 07:14

      Maybe under a covered terrasse?? Hope the warmer weather heads your way Marjan! Thanks for stopping by!