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Friday Freebie & Lovely Must Have Hearth & Hand Decor!

Happy Friday! You have probably heard about Hearth & Hand by now, and maybe even gotten your favourite items already. Believe it or not, but I just got around to check their line out at Target and have a list here of what I’d definitely get! I just wish they’d ship to Spain in a more affordable way, haha. Or open stores in Europe! Anyways, today I am sharing a Friday Freebie & Lovely Must Have Hearth & Hand Decor with you! So much inspiration!

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Friday Freebie & Lovely Must Have Hearth & Hand Decor!


Wooden Nesting Houses 


Artificial Flower Bundle


Textured Vase


Pressed Glass Photo Frame


Eucalyptus Garland


House Lantern


Galvanized Metal & Wood Wall Shelves


Square Floor Pillow


Storage Bin


Stoneware Mug


Morning Beautiful Mug


And I could go on and on… but these are such great pieces that can go with any decor and can be changed up over and over. The mugs of course… a must in my house, I have developed a slight mug addiction…

Now onto the freebie, that would look great in those pressed glass frames, don’t you think??

Also, the mock up background photo for my printable is a generous freebie from Hannah over at We Lived Happily Ever After. Thank you so much for making it available!

Freebie Friday Hello Winter Printable kreativk.net

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  • Reply
    Keri Roberts
    22/01/2018 at 07:17

    Katrin, these hearth and hand picks are beautiful! I really like those wooden houses and the mugs. You can never have too many mugs right?! 😉 thanks for making the printable available, another wonderful one!!

    • Reply
      25/01/2018 at 07:07

      Thanks Keri, so true, there is no such thing as too-many-mugs, lol!!

  • Reply
    15/01/2018 at 03:39

    Katrin I had the pleasure of visiting a Target last week and got to see some of these products in person. They are very well made and solid. You can bet when I have a few spare dollars I will be making my way back to the store. And yes!! Another printable for my wall!

    • Reply
      15/01/2018 at 22:24

      Oh I’m so jealous! No just kidding, I’m happy for you, enjoy! I’ll get to Target one day!

  • Reply
    14/01/2018 at 23:06

    These are such great finds, Katrin. Your taste is impeccable (and exactly in line with mine 😉 ). Your free printable works so well with this style, too. Love it!

  • Reply
    13/01/2018 at 17:28

    Target being so accessible to me is a blessing, though a curse for my credit card! Before the holidays the poor card was melting from overuse, then January used to be a good month to cool it down. Now with Benjamin’s birthday being on the 7th. of January, it doesn’t even get time to catch it’s breath. There is a Target shop online and pick-up free in store option here that is another mixed blessing. Your choices are tempting, but the card needs to hibernate. Thank goodness, and You, for Free Friday Printables. I love this one too. Thank-you!

    • Reply
      15/01/2018 at 22:21

      Oh I know what you mean. I don’t have Target here, but Ikea is as tempting for me and I have to watch it. It can get out of hand, lol. Happy belated birthday to Benjamin, I hope he had a wonderful day! Our birthdays are in January too, so I hear ya! Time to give the card a rest, haha.

  • Reply
    13/01/2018 at 11:12

    I fell in love with the square pillow, anything stripes makes my heart jump. Thank you so much for the printable too

    • Reply
      15/01/2018 at 22:19

      You’re welcome Pili. Oh that pillow, love it too!

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