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DIY Girly Dream Catcher

On Monday I posted 2 easy minimal wreaths using wooden rings. Today I am excited to show you this super cute DIY girly dream catcher that I also made from one of the wooden rings. I ordered a bag full of wooden rings, so there might be some more ring projects coming up in the future, lol. My daughter always wanted a dream catcher and I had promised her to make one for the longest time now. So this Christmas break came in handy to make it.


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DIY Girly Dream Catcher

What I’ve used:

wooden ring

mix and matching fabric straps

white feathers

hot glue gun

lace fabric



I wanted the lace fabric to be a bit smaller than the ring, so I just used a plate to trace a circle that would be smaller.


DIY girly dream catcher kreativk.net


DIY girly dream catcher kreativk.net


Using twine, I attached the lace fabric to the wooden ring.

Tip: Put tape over part of the string to make it go easily through the lace fabric’s holes.


DIY girly dream catcher kreativk.net


DIY girly dream catcher kreativk.net


Then I just added the fabric straps to the bottom part of the ring by tying knots.

I used the hot glue gun to stick the feathers on to the fabric strings here and there.


DIY girly dream catcher kreativk.net


DIY girly dream catcher kreativk.net


DIY girly dream catcher kreativk.net


DIY girly dream catcher kreativk.net


DIY girly dream catcher kreativk.net


Pin this for later please! Thanks!

DIY girly dream catcher kreativk.net

Well, it looks really fun in my daughters bedroom and she likes it a lot! It goes with her pinkish decor and will keep away those bad dreams 😉

Wishing you a great Wednesday!



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  • Shirley Wood
    19/01/2018 at 03:26

    Lace and frills are always fun. So pretty. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday. We look forward to your next creative project!

    • Katrin
      22/01/2018 at 06:54

      Thanks so much Shirley!

  • Florence
    17/01/2018 at 00:34

    This is so pretty Katrin! I love pink and girly myself. What’s great is this looks easy to make. Not surprised your daughter likes it! Pinned

    • Katrin
      18/01/2018 at 07:08

      Thanks so much Florence!

  • Michelle Leslie
    15/01/2018 at 11:40

    Ahhhhh Katrin, your dreamy dream catcher would make this big girl happy too. It looks lovely. Dream catchers are always so much fun to make and add such a beautiful, calming touch to a space

    • Katrin
      15/01/2018 at 22:25

      haha, it would be. I would love to make some more, I just love the look of them. I do have some more rings so…

  • Ellen
    11/01/2018 at 22:42

    What a lovely girly version of a Dream Catcher! My oldest daughter has always been enchanted by them and has many different ones, none more beautiful than yours. Yet again, you transform random bits and pieces into a darling piece of art. Your Daughter must be so pleased to have your handiwork in her room to enjoy. Thank-you!

    • Katrin
      15/01/2018 at 22:18

      Oh how fun, I would love to make some more too. They are a fun craft to make. Thank you Ellen, have a great week!

  • Marie
    11/01/2018 at 19:10

    Very pretty, Katrin! My daughter would’ve loved one of these in her room when she was a child. Pinned

    • Katrin
      15/01/2018 at 22:17

      Aw Thanks friend 🙂

  • Julia - Vintage with Laces
    11/01/2018 at 06:33

    This is so very pretty, Katrin! I can see your daughter doing the happy dance when she saw this beautiful dream catcher.

    • Katrin
      15/01/2018 at 22:10

      Oh yes she did, haha. Thanks Julia!!

  • Mary
    11/01/2018 at 00:23

    Katrin this is super easy but perfect for a girls room. I have one who is also crazy for dream catchers. The fabric scraps are so pretty and really add to the girly feel.

    • Katrin
      15/01/2018 at 22:09

      Thank you Mary, she does like it a lot!

  • Keri Roberts
    10/01/2018 at 21:38

    Katrin, the girly dream catcher is so pretty! I love the lace and pretty pink fabric. It’s beautiful.

    • Katrin
      15/01/2018 at 22:09

      Thank you, pretty pink and lace is so cute for a girls bedroom right?

  • Audra @ Renewed Projects
    10/01/2018 at 20:13

    Very pretty. My friend and I made something similar this summer and we both have them hanging on our walls. Its a fun look!

    • Katrin
      15/01/2018 at 22:17

      That’s a cute idea, I just love dream catchers and could have some more around, they are so much fun to make too! Thanks so much Audra!

  • Tanya Derrey Bingham
    10/01/2018 at 16:41

    I love this Katrin!! It turned out sooooo pretty 🙂

    • Katrin
      15/01/2018 at 22:16

      Thank you so much Tanya!