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Custom made pillow case from Make Lemonade Shop

I got some happy mail the other day, all the way from Indiana in the U.S.! My custom made pillow case from Make Lemonade Shop arrived and oh that made me so happy! 

My friend Nikki Frank-Hamilton started her Make Lemonade Shop not long ago and you should seriously check out all of her beautiful hand made pillow cases! I knew what I wanted right away when I looked through her lovely collection, there’s something there for every taste and style. 

Custom made pillow case from Make Lemonade Shop

And when you see it you’ll see why! It fits right in with my style and looks amazing on my armchair.

custom made pillow case from Make Lemonade Shop kreativk.net


custom made pillow case from Make Lemonade Shop kreativk.net


custom made pillow case from Make Lemonade Shop kreativk.net


custom made Pillow case from Make Lemonade Shop kreativk.net


custom made pillow case from Make Lemonade Shop kreativk.net


Custom made Pillow case from Make Lemonade Shop kreativk.net

I love the rustic burlap with the white chalkboard-style ampersand! It is lined with fabric inside and the ampersand is hand painted! Nikki is so talented and all of her pillows are hand made by her!

Make sure to stop by and check out her collection and if you need something extra, she’ll take custom orders like mine. 

If you like it, pin it!

custom made pillow case from Make Lemonade Shop kreativk.net

Have a lovely day & Thank you Nikki for making this beautiful pillow case for me!


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  • Amber Harrop
    25/01/2017 at 02:39

    Love the giant “&” I love this cushion Katrin it is definitely a favourite

  • Heidi
    23/01/2017 at 03:21

    Very cute! Love that burlap! See you back at Funtastic Friday!

    • Katrin
      23/01/2017 at 06:52

      Thank you Heidi, yes, it is amazing, hey?? I’ll sure be back this week!

  • Leanna
    21/01/2017 at 01:05

    Hi Katrin: Nikki is AMAZING isn’t she. Its obvious that this pillow has found the perfect home. The texture is really interesting. I want a Lemonade shop pillow but hubs would faint if I purchased another pillow and didn’t make one. Sight! they really are wonderful.

    • Katrin
      22/01/2017 at 09:33

      hahaha, mine didn’t even notice it is a new one, lol! Yes, Nikki’s pillows are really amazing!

  • Mary - the boondocks blog
    19/01/2017 at 11:46

    Katrin this is the perfect pillow for your living room. Nikki did a fantastic job with it and it looks like it has been there for years.

  • Michelle - Happy Heart Made
    18/01/2017 at 20:02

    I love it…perfect!! Nikki did an amazing job!!!

    • Katrin
      18/01/2017 at 20:27

      She did, didn’t she? I love it so much and it is really a wonderful addition to my decor!!

  • Ellen
    18/01/2017 at 16:51

    I LOVE burlap and this pillow case is just perfect! Your friend Nikki is very talented, hand made and hand painted too!! The name “Make Lemonade Shop” is sweet and clever. I will definitely check out her wares. Thank-you for sharing this here, you are a good friend to have.

    • Katrin
      18/01/2017 at 20:26

      She is so talented Ellen! She’s got all kinds of styles to offer and I love that! Her pillow has a special spot…. Thank you so much Ellen! Have a lovely Wednesday!

  • Keri
    18/01/2017 at 16:31

    Katrin, your new pillow looks fantastic in your home! Nikki does beautiful work. This custom made case fits right in with your lovely style.

    • Katrin
      18/01/2017 at 20:23

      Thanks Keri, I think so too! Nikki is one talented lady!!!

  • Nikki Frank-Hamilton
    18/01/2017 at 14:23

    Katrin, it looks so lovely nestled in all that white, so cozy. The burlap ties in with the rattan stool and the wooden coasters on your side-table. Your decorating style is so effortless looking, but I know I couldn’t pull that together! You have an incredible sense of style and a huge talent for decorating. I love it! I’m so happy that you love your pillowcase and thank you for the shout out. Really appreciate it. Happy New Year my friend!

    • Katrin
      18/01/2017 at 20:23

      I’m super happy and Thank you so much Nikki!! I know you were so busy and you have so much on your plate! I love it!!

  • Michelle
    18/01/2017 at 13:07

    Oh how beautiful Katrin, the Ampersand pillows were also one of my favorites and it’s so lovely to see it in a real setting. It’s the perfect fir for your decor style.

    • Katrin
      18/01/2017 at 20:22

      She did an amazing job,hey?? Love the style of the ampersand so much!!

  • Marjan Hoebeke-Pfaff
    18/01/2017 at 08:09

    Hello Katrin,
    actually this pillow is perfect for Valentine’s as “&” is the character between the names of loving people. I like the pillow case too, can fully understand why you bought it!
    Have a lovely day!

    • Katrin
      18/01/2017 at 20:21

      You’re right! It is great for Valentine’s as well! Thanks Marjan! Have a great week!