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Cozy Nordic Christmas Tree & Dining Area

Happy Friday friends! We are enjoying a long long weekend, that actually already started Wednesday. How cool is that! Today we are in London, but I still wanted to show you my cozy Nordic Christmas tree & dining area today.

I have to confess: Our tree is not real this year, I bought a faux tree the other day. Not very Nordic, but I did not enjoy the work that was involved in having a real one last year. We had bought a real one in a pot, thinking we could just plant it outside. Yeah, that did not work out, it dried way before Christmas, even though we watered it and thought we took real good care of it. It was a mess to get rid of it later and I just did not want to do it again. So, long story short, it is a faux one this year. It is the perfect size, fits right into our spot.


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Cozy Nordic Christmas Tree & Dining Area


cozy nordic christmas tree & dining area kreativk.net


I like to decorate the end of the table because it gives some interest to the huge window… the table is simple and I only added these Ikea placemats from last year to it.


cozy nordic christmas tree & dining area kreativk.net


There is a bit of a woodland theme going on here. I used my wood slice centerpiece , added a little faux fur tree with a deer and a string of fairy lights. That’s all and I love it!


cozy nordic christmas tree & dining area kreativk.net



cozy nordic christmas tree & dining area kreativk.net


Every year I love putting up my favourite Christmas cards and this time they were simply put on my farmhouse ladder using washi tape.


cozy nordic christmas tree & dining area kreativk.net


Now onto the tree:

The only new ornaments this year are the lovely wooden farmhouse style ornaments my friend Sam sent me for our 2017 Ornament Exchange .




cozy nordic christmas tree & dining area kreativk.net



cozy nordic christmas tree & dining area kreativk.net


I put the tree base inside this cozy looking felt basket.


cozy nordic christmas tree & dining area kreativk.net



cozy nordic christmas tree & dining area kreativk.net


Anyways, I hope you like my simple faux tree and wish you a great day!



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  • Mary
    20/12/2017 at 15:24

    I am sure I commented here I just don’t know what happened. Well, as you know I love your clean style Katrin. The Christmas tree is perfect with just the white ornaments. Sometimes when it is too overloaded you find that it can be tiresome for the eyes. This is fresh and airy!!

  • Sara @ Magical Mama Blog
    12/12/2017 at 16:22

    I adore this so much! My husband and I are both mostly Nordic and want to jump into that culture. This is great inspiration!

    • Katrin
      12/12/2017 at 20:45

      Thanks so much Sara, I’m so happy you like this!

  • Keri Roberts
    11/12/2017 at 01:55

    Katrin, your dining room and tree are gorgeous! Those placemats are the best!! I like how you have displayed the Christmas cards. Your tree is lovely with all those beautiful ornaments.

    • Katrin
      12/12/2017 at 20:44

      Aw happy that you like it Keri!

  • Michelle Leslie
    10/12/2017 at 05:51

    Simple, stylish and of so beautiful. You’re such an inspiration Katrin. You epitomize the whole concept of elegant minimalism and I’m with you on the whole real Christmas tree inside thing. We’ve always had a faux one which I must admit we haven’t even put up yet. Most of the time we tend to decorate our trees outside, since the weather is so gorgeous this time of the year in South Africa

    • Katrin
      10/12/2017 at 22:06

      Aw you are too sweet, Thank you Michelle for your compliment. I am really happy with the faux tree. I can imagine you celebrate in – and outside. My hubbies Christmases in Argentina as a child were like that he says… BBQ parties because it is summer there too now. Something really so strange for me, but I can imagine it being very special too! Enjoy!

  • Marjan Hoebeke-Pfaff
    09/12/2017 at 10:00

    Everything looks so homely and cozy and hygge! Oh dear, I’d really love to move into your place!
    Have a most lovely Advent Season,

    • Katrin
      10/12/2017 at 21:57

      Thank you Dear Marjan, wishing you an amazing Adventszeit as well!

  • Ellen
    08/12/2017 at 22:13

    Absolutely in love with the little table tree tableau! The deer is adorable, I want one too! Your dining area is so beautiful with your cozy decor, so inviting. Your new tree looks perfect in the felt basket, much better than any tree skirt that I use! You have really kreated the most lovely cozy Nordic Christmas in your home. Thank-you for a truly wonderful post!

    • Katrin
      10/12/2017 at 21:55

      Aw Thank you that means so much! I am happy with the tree, faux or not, it is so easy to keep up and the felt basket covers up the ugly tree stand, haha. Thank you for stopping by Ellen, have a wonderful rest of the weekend!