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2 Minimal Wreaths Anyone Can Make

Time for wreaths everyone! 2 minimal wreaths anyone can make! These are seriously so easy to make, and if you love the minimalism look on wreaths then these are just right for you! I ordered a big pack of wooden rings and they are perfect for minimal wreaths. Or dream-catchers.. I also made a dream-catcher I will share here soon. But for today these 2 cute wreaths that can be done in ten minutes each! Maybe even faster.

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2 Minimal Wreaths Anyone Can Make


Wreath #1: boho style inspired minimal wreath:

In just a few simple steps you can make this cute boho inspired minimal wreath.

1.What You Need:

wooden ring

faux eucalyptus branch or other greenery

long white linen/fabric scraps

beige tassel fringe 


2 minimal wreaths anyone can make kreativk..net


2. Start by wrapping the fabric scrap loosely around the bottom part of the ring.

3. You want to have it about 4-5 inches wide and both straps the same length.


2 minimal wreaths anyone can make kreativk.net


4. Grab your tassel fringe and place it in the middle of the fabric wrap.

5. Tie the tassel into a loose knot leaving one end longer than the other.

6. Tie the white fabric into a knot around it all as well as the greenery.

Then, arrange the tassel fringe and fabric making sure it is not too tight and the greenery sits nicely around the ring.


2 minimal wreaths anyone can make kreativk.net



2 minimal wreaths anyone can make kreativk.net



2 minimal wreaths anyone can make kreativk.net



2 minimal wreaths anyone can make kreativk.net



Wreath #2: farmhouse style inspired minimal wreath:

You only need a few ingredients to whip up this farmhouse cutie.

What you need:

wooden ring

striped ribbon or fabric strings cut thin

dried bay leaves

hot glue gun


2 minimal wreaths anyone can make kreativk.net


I was so eager to start with this fun wreath that I completely forgot to take photos of the gluing-on-the-leaves- process. It is really easy though, so I am sure you’ll be just fine with my quick explanation.

  1. I started on the bottom middle part of the ring with two smaller leaves facing left and right. Then adding on leaves on each side step by step until the middle of each side more or less.
  2. You just need one little drop of glue to make these leaves stick on to the wooden ring.
  3. At last, just tie your ribbon or fabric in a loose knot around the middle part of the leave wreath.


2 minimal wreaths anyone can make kreativk.net



2 minimal wreaths anyone can make kreativk.net


What do you think of these easy minimal wreaths? Would you give them a try?

Pin it for later! Thanks!

2 minimal wreaths anyone can make kreativk.net


Wishing you a wonderful January day!




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  • Keri Roberts
    10/01/2018 at 21:35

    Katrim, they’re both such beautiful wreaths! I really like the boho style wreath and the tassle fringe on it. What a lovely way to decorate walls.

    • Katrin
      15/01/2018 at 22:08

      Thanks so much Keri!

  • Ellen
    08/01/2018 at 22:37

    The Kween of Kreativity has done it again! I am always in awe of the unlimited depth of your imagination and talent. I don’t know which I like better, as both are stupendous and easy too! Thank-you!

    • Katrin
      09/01/2018 at 20:28

      No way, these were almost not post worthy because they were so simple. But then that’s what my blog is about kind of. simple and easy stuff, so I ended up posting them. You always make me feel good, Thank you for that Ellen!

  • Ardith
    08/01/2018 at 21:05

    These are perfect minimal wreaths, Katrin. You designed them beautifully. Happy New Year, Ardith

    • Katrin
      09/01/2018 at 20:27

      Ardith, Happy New Year to you to my friend, Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it so much!!

  • Mary
    08/01/2018 at 16:41

    Awww Katrin as pretty as the first one is, the second one has really stolen my heart! The simplicity, the symmetry and the colors are perfect.

    • Katrin
      09/01/2018 at 20:26

      Thanks Mary, that one is so easy and I like the scent of bay leaves a lot!

  • Michelle Leslie
    08/01/2018 at 12:37

    We have this saying in South Africa “Ag no man” which we tend to use every time we’re astounded by something. That’s the first thing I said inside my head when I saw your 2 minute wreaths Katrin, “Ag no man, how does she do it?” There’s just nobody else who can take a few bits of scrap fabric, a leaf or two and turn it into something that looks so amazing. How do you do it??

    • Katrin
      09/01/2018 at 20:26

      Ah no, no way, it was so easy I almost didn’t post it cause I wasn’t sure about it. But it does look great on the wall in the living room. You are always so sweet and I think your projects are the Coolest!